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A new player with 8 preloaded songs specific to the call of the quail, woodcock, partridge, pigeon and in general for all the songs from a standstill. We have selected our best songs:


  1. QUAIL 7 / MF VAL 3
  2. QUAIL M.
  3. QUAIL F.
  4. QUAIL 5
  5. QUAIL 10


There is also the possibility with a small surcharge of € 15, to create your personal list of songs to be included in the player. The 40-TM electronic call  incorporates an internal timer. Important feature that will give you the possibility to decide the moment in which the call should switch on and the duration time. Schedule repeatable during the following days. All this by an easy and intuitive process thanks to the large display located at the rear of the electronic player. Its small size and easy operation together with the very high power of 30 watts with only the internal unit +30 watts with the addition of an external trumpet make this model, ideal for the preparation of areas dedicated to quails and not only .


The call for quails is used for different uses, much exploited during the step period as it attracts the animals to you with greater margins of success for the day. The song player for quails  is one of the best tools on the market.


The product is made from the best materials on the market, assembled by hand in our handicraft company, to ensure a long use of this wonderful tool for bird call.


Beware of imitations of our products on the market they are of poor quality and easily perishable.


Buying MultiSound products you will be sure to have purchased one of the best tools dedicated to bird calling on the Italian market, with product warranty from the manufacturer.

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