New songs of Song Thrush.

We have upload in the page of the sound two new samples of Song Thrush: - Song Thrush b.14. - Song Thrush [...]
Updating accessories page

in the page of the accessories we have add cables of feeding, extension and jack adapters compatible with all our [...]
New songs of Skylark.

We have upload in the page of the sound four new samples of skylark song. 1- Skylark BA/1 2- Skylark BA/2 3- Skylark [...]

Beginning from today the digital game caller two songs mod. Multizip Cod. Art. AP-09 is available for the sale. [...]
Closing for Christmas holidays 2008.

The firm will have been being closed for Friday 19/12/2008 to Monday 05/01/2009 inclusive. All the orders reached in such [...]
Mod. MULTIZIP Cod. Art. AP-09 sold out

For this season 2008 the Digital Game Caller two songs mod. MULTIZIP Cod. Art. AP-09 is sold out. Then, up [...]
Tape player Mod. P8 out production.

The tape player mod. P8 is out of production from begin of this year and with today we have ended [...]
Method of payment out of the ITALY:

We remember to all of our clients that buy from the foreign countries that it is not possible to choose [...]
New Digital Game Caller mod. HP-24 with remote control.

Starting today the new digital game caller mod. HP-24 is available endowed with remote control and with memory to 8,16,24 [...]
New Remote Control for 3x8 Pocket RX MIX

Starting today in combining to our new digital game call 3x8 Pocket RX MIX there will be a new version [...]

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