New methods of payment:

Starting today it is active on our site PayPal that is a tool of payment used in e-commerce, through which [...]
New Songs of Skylark:

We have added in the Sound page, section Shooting-box 10 new samples of song of the skylark. [...]
Song's Page under upgrade

We inform our clients that for a few days of the problems can be had for listening to the calls [...]
IWA 2008 & Outdoor Classics

Let's inform them our clients that we will be present to the 35 edition of the international fair IWA 2008, [...]
New Catalog Season 2008

Presentation of the new catalog for the season 2008. You will find digital game calls as the DSS-RC Potenziato, the [...]
New Digital Player mod. 3X8 POCKET-RX MIX

Starting today it is on sale a new radio-controlled digital player. The mod. 3x8 POCKET-RX MIX is a further evolution [...]
Digital Palyer Four Sound exhausted.

Starting today 30/11/2007 up to the new year have suspended the sale of the Mod. Four Sound for exhaustion perceived. [...]
New loudspeaker mod. 90-MP

Starting today it is on sale on our site internet, in the section loudspeakers, a new model of particularly suitable [...]
New Loudspeaker mod. 51mm

Starting today it is available for the sale, to an European price of 26,00, the new model Piezo Elettric 51mm. [...]
Closing for summer vacations:

Our firm will be closed for vacations from 04/08/2007 to 20/08/2007. All the orders reached in the suitable period will [...]

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