Who are us


We have been present in the hunting field for over 25 years, we produce tape player, digital player with remote control, acoustic signallers for dog pointing, high-power loudspeakers, thanks to this long experience we have achieved a leading position in european market to provide accessories for hunting.


MULTISOUND S.n.C. of Laorenti and Bonaretti & C. it is firm builder of electronic equipments for the lovers of the nature and in special way for all those people that interest him in the "birdwatching" observation of the birds and to the listening of their songs. The MULTISOUND was born in 1981 to Correggio for wish of Bonaretti Lorenzo and Laorenti Francesco. Our first player was the model P8, tape player with eight songs of bird, with which shortly time there are insured a very ample market share. The key of this fast success is surely the good quality of the commodity, united to an efficient productive flexibility, ready to satisfy the needs of peoples in continuous evolution. With to lean out of new technologies, and the advent of the digital one has allowed, to the MULTISOUND, the introduction of new commodities as the mod. POCKET, DSS-RC, QUAGLIAIA 30/TM all with digital technology. The MULTISOUND has an only center in Correggio (RE) - ITALY

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